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Our Purpose

To celebrate ADHD entrepreneurial success and our ADHD gifts and strengths.


Who Are We For?

The podcast is specifically for the high-achieving entrepreneur who is living with ADHD.  The high-achieving entrepreneur is someone who sets goals, achieves them, and sets new goals to achieve.

Our Goals and Vision

The podcast will help the high-achieving ADHD entrepreneur develop systems, routines, and habits to succeed by hearing from other entrepreneurs who live with ADHD.  We will interview other entrepreneurs sharing their challenges and how they succeeded.  

Meet The Host

André Brisson

André Brisson


CTM – The Chief Troublemaker

An entrepreneur diagnosed as an adult with ADHD and Asperger’s, André Brisson has drawn from his experience overcoming obstacles in life to create a unique process of simplifying what seems impossible and creating intellectual shortcuts. These processes were unknowingly developed to overcome his ADHD symptoms prior to his diagnosis. They were key for the success he has had in life and his start-up engineering businesses.

André is a successful entrepreneur who has started 5 companies, failed at 2 and succeeded with 3.  He has managed to make 2 of his companies self-managing and he will explain how that was achieved.

New Episodes Weekly

Interview: Every Monday @ 8am EST

Short Thought: Every Thursday @ 8am EST

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