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André is available to speak on raising adult ADHD awareness, how ADHD affects and strengthens the high-achieving ADHD entrepreneur, and how to manage your strengths for them not to become weaknesses.

André’s goal is educating everyone for neurodiversity acceptance and equality.


Transformative Experts Podcast

Host Chris Elias and André Brisson discuss lifelong struggle with undiagnosed severe ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome, self-awareness is key and, transforming ADHD symptoms into ADHD strengths and leveraging them into something much bigger. 

The Real Bottom Line Podcast

Host Wendy Brookhouse and André Brisson discuss learning, thinking, and simplifying complexities to solve the impossible is his secret super power, the pros and cons of being an impulsive thinker, and how to harness that power to do great work.

ADHD: Live A Full Life At Home

André Brisson was interviewed by the CTV producer of the Canadian Health & Family TV show and they discussed how his undiagnosed ADHD affected home life and how awareness helps live a full life at home after diagnosis.

Healthy Living with Dr. Donald Pelto

Host Dr. Donald Pelto and André Brisson discuss healthy life choices after his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis as well as his late in life ADHD diagnosis.  This is a local TV show created by Dr. Donald Pelto.

Ignited Souls Podcast: The Ignited Entrepreneur

Host Mike Domeny and André Brisson discuss his success with multiple successful companies, the importance of an entrepreneur’s uniqueness, and how his late diagnosis of ADHD and Asperger’s has helped him identify and solve his companies’ problems.

Mothers of Misfits

Host Emily Melious and André Brisson discuss his severe ADHD and mild Asperger's late diagnosis, common misconceptions of ADHD, you can succeed with ADHD, tips and tricks to manage your mental energy, ADHD and school, and advice for parents who have a child who was diagnosed with ADHD.

Break Free Podcast

Host David Mansilla and André Brisson discuss learning from failures, hyper-focusing on his interest in personal growth and strength identification, studying intensely to increase his knowledge, and discovering how to turn his ADHD into a strength.

Better The Pond Pondcast

How do you fight an invisible opponent? After many years being the odd duck and not fitting in, he realized that this aspect of himself wasn’t something that was wrong with him, it wasn’t the enemy. It is what made him who he was, and how it was a strength. 

Retire As You Desire Podcast

Host Bill Bllom and André Brisson share how he overcame his diagnosis and changed his routine, habits, and life through thorough research. These processes were unknowingly developed to overcome his ADHD symptoms prior to his diagnosis. 

Belief Alchemy Podcast

Host Megan O’Neill, the Core Belief Engineer, discusses ADHD and entrepreneurship. André briefly outlines the concept of The ADHD Transformation journey.  This episode was recorded in late 2021 prior to the launch of the program.

Safe Space Podcast – Part 1

Host Franco Lombardo and André Brisson discuss the importance of emotional safety and how it affects the ability to have open and vulnerable conversations.  André shares his ADHD journey and how he observed emotional patterns in adults. 

Safe Space Podcast – Part 2

Host Franco Lombardo and André discuss the absence of self-expression, why it’s suppressed, and the cost of not allowing others, #NxtGen or Senior generation, in #FamilyBusiness to express themselves. Do the #NxtGen want to express their creativity, and business acumen by starting up a new venture?

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